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Breadly™ Bread Bow Knife

Breadly™ Bread Bow Knife

✔︎ Reversible Blade Allows For Left and Right-Handed Use

✔︎ Slice with Precision, No More Squished Slices

✔︎ The Perfect Gift for Foodies

✔︎ 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Slice Crusty Breads While Preserving Their Shape

Our Bread Bow Knife delicately cuts through even the crustiest loaves, ensuring each slice retains its perfect form. Elevate your bread game with precision and style.

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Get The Same Even Cut Every Single Time

Experience the art of consistent slicing with our Bread Bow Knife. From the first slice to the last, our knife delivers uniform cuts, making every meal preparation a breeze.

Say goodbye to uneven slices and hello to culinary perfection.

Expertly Crafted With Long Lasting Materials

Our Bread Bow Knife is a testament to quality and durability.

Meticulously crafted with long-lasting materials, this knife is not just a kitchen tool; it's a lasting investment in precision and performance. Upgrade your kitchen essentials with confidence.

  • David B.

    I love baking fresh bread and bagels, but my old bread knife was getting dull and sad. After almost losing a finger whilst trying to cut through a crusty sourdough I started shopping around.

    he new sourdough loaf I had baked had technical difficulties and came out a bit more dense and crusty than anticipated, though it tasted amazing. If I had used my old knife, I probably would have lost a hand but this knife keeps your hands safely away from the cutting area and it cuts through the meanest, crustiest bread out there like butter.

  • Ashlee T.

    This bow is well made, comfortable to use and cuts extremely well -- much better than a traditional bread knife. It goes through the top crust very easily and allows thin slices.

  • Emma L.

    This bread knife is amazing! It cuts through bread easily, and without smushing the bread, or tearing up the bread. It’s so easy to make thin slices or thick slices. It’s really sharp, so make sure your fingers aren’t near where the knife will be cutting. Learned this the hard way 😂 I wasn’t expecting it to cut through the bottom crust as easily as it did.